The symbol of Adopen’s perfectionism in production is promoting the customer satisfaction by producing quality profiles and delivering these products to anywhere through its widespread suppliers network. “Producing a high quality PVC profile” for Adopen means combining raw material of high quality with the most advanced production techniques in the hands of an experienced expert staff in a good establishment with perfect organization.

A special compound is prepared by adding the PVC raw material, produced with polymerization of vinyl chloride monomer, components providing impact resistance, color pigments, stabilizer and other filling materials. The preparation of this special compound by ing high quality additives is the first step to the production of Adopen profiles.

This compound is processed by the high tech extruders and perfect Adopen tooling components and double sided protective folios and, then converted into Adopen profile. Before the further stages, the newly manufactured profiles are tested for impact resistance, corner endurance, welding coherence, dimension changes after keeping in a hot area, reaction after keeping in a hot area, color originality (aging) under different thermal conditions, determination of temperature, strike resistance, mechanical endurance to weather conditions. The physical appearance, color, brightness, dimensions and surfaces are regularly tested.

The impact resistant, unfading and easily cleaned Adopen profiles are packed up and stored for the next stage of PVC joinery.

What makes the difference for Adopen joinery is the perfect combination of extreme sensitivity, elaborate mastery and high tech production technologies applied on high quality window profiles. The resistance, heat and sound insulation, comfort in usage, healthy penetration of sunlight, aesthetic design and color provisions are all related to Adopen’s perfect production techniques. Thanks to its eligibility to international norms, the exporting of PVC joinery systems to various countries all over the world prove that Adopen meets the needs for all kinds of expectations for window related products all over the world.

Adopen works to meet the customer expectations for any PVC window systems by presenting window systems for an economical and healthy lifestyle as well as combining aesthetics and multi-color options in windows.

In addition to white profiles, profile options with wooden motifs in various colors have been presented. Inner surface laminate - outer surface white, outer surface laminate - inner surface white options, colored profiles inner and outer surface laminate options are available. These options allow the creation of unity for interior and exterior designs of the buildings.

Adopen windows are durable and resistant to natural conditions and climatic changes; therefore they meet the visual demands of the customers with its aesthetic and decorative designs.

In interior spaces windows are the initial cause of heat dissipation. People have been looking for a solution to heat the exterior spaces in winter and protect interior spaces from exterior heat in summer for centuries. In most of the constructions, small windows have been built, the scenery and sunlight has been partially sacrificed and construction expenses have increased.

Using the most recent high technology in window production, Adopen has been the trademark by maximizing scenery and natural sunlight options and providing the best thermal and water insulation.

Three and five chambered profiles with three and two effective seal system in frame wing combinations, stabile air channels and 2 and 3 manias occur along joinery. These qualifications leave the negative conditions of exterior environment outside and maximize the interior comfort. Comfort in interior spaces is felt without sacrificing natural sunlight and wide scenery.

A window does not only mean comfort and appearance in a building. It is a source of savings with right choice and correct application methods. Adopen meets the expectations of customers from a window by using double glaze and specially insulated glasses instead of single glaze application on a window.

Sound means changes of pressure perceived by the ear in solid, liquid and gasous environments, irritating sounds are called noise. Sound above 50 db means “noise” for human beings and noise is disturbing. Vibration and noise have to be insulated in order to preserve a tranquil interior atmosphere.

Adopen, being the leading producer of polyurethane installation systems, prevents probable effects of vibration by reflecting into walls using the system of cushioning vibration with polyurethane foams.

It provides maximum insulation and complete sound isolation by means of static air channels created by seals between the frames and wings in addition to static air filled wide chambers.

Double glaze applications enable the customers to maximize sound isolation with air space up to 16mm between flat glasses and with triple glaze with various thicknesses of flat glasses.

Adopen has the capability to produce profiles which have the capability to resist against all kinds of wind load, all types of weather conditions, in all dimensions and shapes. Thicker outer walls, perfectly positioned air channels and chambers and well-mixed compound allow Adopen profiles to provide required durability and methods of usage. Thickness of 1,5mm in inner wall and galvanized reinforcement profile keep Adopen profiles stable. Adopen is the first firm to offer its clients the opportunity to open windows up to width of 1,3m and doors up to height of 2,2m.

Adopen has broken the grounds in special application details. Through polyurethane installation technique, complete filling application has been initiated which contributes to sound and heat isolation in the combination of PVC profile and wall systems by avoiding negative effects (oxidation, loss of time and loss of welding etc). Accepting this qualification as one of the important steps of quality of Adopen, the company constantly organizes trainings for its staff of product implementation.

The high level of concentrated chloride proportion in PVC compound makes the PVC compound hard to blaze and emit very little amount of heat compared to other inflammable materials in case of flaring up. The gases leaking out in case of inflammation of PVC products carry no special risk for the building’s functions. Therefore, the insurance companies have the same equivalence value for the PVC compound and other construction materials.

In fire cases thus far, it has been observed the PVC windows do not virtually burn, however the wooden windows catch fire easily burned altogether. The temperature for inflammation of  PVC compound is 150′C higher than the wooden windows

PVC concentration boundary values in PVC production.

The permissible concentration rate of PVC at workplaces and their environments was 500 ppm in the year 1966, however today the value is 3 ppm. This ratio has been decreased to 1 ppm thanks to the technical precautions. As a result, they avoid any kind of risk of cancer in PVC

The cost of PVC usage in constructions and comparison with alternative methods.

The complete cycle beginning from raw material usage for products to final waste product evaluation is taken into consideration in comparison of alternative products used for specific purposes today. This type of evaluation is called “ecological clearance”. The ecological clearance of Aluminum, PVC and wooden windows prove that PVC products are the most environment-friendly products.